How to get your issue resolved quickly


How to get your issue resolved quickly


We at EZ Test Kits will endeavour to resolve your query as quickly as we can.  There are some practices that would greatly help us reduce the time in which we can resolve your issue. 


  • Provide your order number (if there is one), and all the relevant details about your query.
  • Keep your query concise and on point; Short sentences, spaces between paragraphs and simple language help our team identify the problems quickly, and save asking for information to be repeated.
  • Keep each ticket to one enquiry, where possible.  Different enquiries sometimes are more efficiently dealt with by different customer service agents.
  • Provide evidence of issues, e.g. attached documents or photographs of an incorrect order, or screen shots of payment details etc.
  • Respond to the last communication on your ticket as often as you need to, as these emails will all link to the original ticket.
  • Be patient – we will always get back to tickets.  At peak times we can get very busy.  Sending in additional tickets can just delay how quickly we get back to you.  We will notify you of any delays in automated messages.
  • Be polite; Our support team love making customers happy, and a little respect will go a long way.
  • Let us know when we get things wrong; We’re always striving to improve our service and love to hear your views 


  • Send long messages without punctuation, spacing or in all caps. This makes tickets very hard to decipher, add to the time it takes to resolve, and increases the chances we miss something important.
  • Use an email address different from the one you have used to create an account or order. For security reasons we are unable to discuss any customer details with you if we can’t verify who you are.
  • Expect the impossible; If for example an order is in transit we are not able to make it move faster or change the delivery address for you. We will however do our best to find a mutually acceptable solution to any issues you might have.
  • Open multiple tickets for a single problem; Our tickets are handled chronologically so the first one you send will be the one we respond to. Other tickets raised for the same query will be closed in due course. 

On no account ever: 

  • Use any language, imagery or other content intended to insult, offend, belittle or threaten our staff. Any messages received that are deemed to do this may be closed and you will be barred from making further contact with Seedsman. 

Occasionally our customer service falls below the standards we promise our customers.  In these circumstances please be patient, wait for notifications from us, and follow the rules above to ensure we can deal with your enquiry quickly and easily when we do come to it.

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